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In my dreams (1998)

To think of you
makes my heart sing
a song with no words
but others than the silence
of the deaf,
the ill of a lost soul
when the love is all gone.

A story told by my shadow
about ghosts from the past
vanish beyond your smile
when I recall your laugh.

I hope my dream becomes
more real that it is,
to see you near by,
to hold you until the end
of a day full of sorrow,
dust and flesh.

It might sound crazy
maybe isn't me,
but to tell you all this
relaxes me and give me a lot of peace.

I'm going to sleep now
to look for you in my dreams,
i hope I’ll see you soon my love
to tell you all my things
and talk like friends forever
and kiss you and feel your lips
and then without a warning
suddenly become awake
and feel that this is it!